Aug 27, 2007

Back from Perhentian


The lights in the bus were off so it was dark and eerie. All one could hear was the muffled roars of the engine and the snores of Passengers 31 and 35.

At about 11.30pm, I got bored watching -- practically nothing, from my seat at the back of the bus.
And eureka! I had an idea. I thought it creepy at the time, so it was good ammunition to scare Pei Chuen.

*types in phone*

"Yoohoo...... I SEE YOU....."


I was expecting a small laugh from the seat in front but all I heard was a "mou liu..."

Friday, 2.43am

Buses drive kinda fast at night. Like really fast, for something this big. And er, especially in roads this narrow and curvy.
And they sometimes eat into the other lane.


I saw the most stars in one night. They have really nice skies at night here on the east coast. Better than KL's lights lor.


Our first activity was island hopping. No rest after 8 hours of travelling.

Snorkeling was fun! And I now know sniffing in salt water is worst than pepper.

We thought that the person in charge was trying to con us la. Our trip was called Turtle Trip. If we saw turtles, we pay 25. If not, it's free. So... We only saw 2-3. Some didn't even see one. They were like "Where? Where?"

So I was pretty much separated from my dear ol' phone the whole trip.

These are pics I managed to snap before and after everything else.

Waiting for the bus


We had nothing to do. Then somehow, everyone had their phones out. So I whipped mine out too. But not before exclaiming, "Peer pressure!"

Going through congested KL roads


After 8 hours, we reached the jetty. It was 6am.
The auntie ushered us to a table full of food when we suggested a table without food.


Her "persistance" paid off because Edwin and WanPin each had a packet of Nasi Lemak.

I had Teh Tarik. I wanted Limau Ais though.


They had "Limau" on their menu but no "Limau Ais".
And we were wondering what was the difference between "Nescafe Kosong" and "Nescafe O".

Jo-lyne didn't want Nescafe Tarik.


She wanted Milo Tarik.


But got Nescafe Tarik instead.


In the end, she got her Milo Tarik.


We left for the islands in a speedboat that exceeded its passenger limit.


Reached D'Lagoon and went looking for Nicole and Jenn Yung.


On the bus going back to KL



You have been served!

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