Jul 10, 2007

Your Warden is bitching. You listen.

Dear inmates,

It's me again.

I've been wondering,

What font size, once projected onto LHE's projector screen, will be as big as my head?

Yeap. And it seems like we're thousands of miles apart and decades behind in technology.

I write letters to my inmates.



There's the thing about idiot GFs getting their idiot BFs to do their assignments.

Gee, the BFs must be idiots.

AND another thing.

I heard the most funnily annoying thing today. As far as I can remember. Cause I've been busy researching for a new Inmate's Activity Program (IAP).

So I was listening to presentation after presentation of ideas for the IAP when I heard this -> Misc.(ellaneous) pronounced, Mix.

Yours truly's brother has become very the violent ever since he started playing dotA online with other idiots on Battlenet.


Idiot seems to be a very big theme in this letter.


Oh... yeah, my appetite's an idiot.

You have been served!

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