Jul 6, 2007

Whatever savvy


So lame.

Anyway, I've been busy doing something... I can't remember what.

Oh yeah, shooting scenes for our final assignment.

Unfortch, you've gotta turn your head sideways a bit.

She forgot her name...

Somehow, Jess knew Rina's name before Rina told Jess her name.

And this photo is about 10 days old.


I was walking to class and then I saw this little kitty getting a tan. He was asleep, so I took my phone out lah. See see, he woke up liao.

Go over here to look at the index page of our group's assignment. Nice pic eh? So many amazing photos out there.

I have a story for you guys.

It's called, Idiots.

One day, Idiot claimed that he could stretch his leg to go really high, so he asked Idiot to help push it up.

So there stood 2 idiots at the corner of the room, being idiots no less, while the photog was snapping away at them so she could post it on her blog.


You have been served!

ps. post quality has been dropping and that sucks. I guess it's the drought for me.

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