Jul 9, 2007

Validation, Verification, Certification

You know we, Idiot Genius and I, are self-proclaimed geniuses right?

But today, we're self-proclaimed no more!

You know why or not?

Siao wan ah!

I tell you ah... I shit you not...

And right now I'm kidding about me shitting you not.

So I was really kidding... when I said we were stripped off our titles.


In today's PR class, our lecturer was saying those who scored 10% and below and those who were on the barred list, were required to attend tutorial classes, seeing as our exams are next week.

And then she addressed us, real quick, saying, "I don't want to see you two there ah..." and then blah blah blah, "If you know you're smart, don't attend the class cause that's just annoying..." in her very Australian-Malaysian accent.

So right now, I happy lah!

Of course peers do think we're smart... *cough*... but it's different when someone with more power thinks you're smart. Umm, I think.

Anyway, there are no more classes for today!

Media, Culture and Society, Film classes and PR tutorials have stopped. Wee!


You have been served!

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