Jul 10, 2007

True fan?? My bro's big smelly ass

So... What IS a true fan?

You pick OH-MY-GOD-MY-FAVOURITE-STAR (OMGMFS) from the airport everytime OMGMFS comes?

You buy OMGMFS expensive gifts all the time?

You say that we should protect OMGMFS' privacy in forums but you're actually one of them true fans waiting for OMGMFS in the airport, asking OMGMFS real personal questions and etc?

You own everything that OMGMFS has released and take pride in actually having them?

It's all very subjective really.

But when someone asks,

and you get an answer like this,

It's indubitably that you think about, "what makes a true fan?" or at the very least have that thought flash across your very webbed mind.

All I see is a self-seeking individual who practices double standards. Kinda reminds you of someone, doesn't it?

*COUGH*sean*COUGH* 'xcuse me, the air's kinda dry 'ere.

In fact, that individual seems to take pride in whatever she said.

Poor muffinhead.

What sort of mentality do our youths have about music downloads?

*Sfx: video rewind*

Enough bullshit.

I meant what I said, but seriously, what idiot reply is that?

You have been served!


Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Why you don't bang them??? Or her...

cheahwey said...

Then everyone is gonna bang me back la... I don't need that k.

That's not the only reply on the thread. In fact, they locked the thread because they dont want to condone the reproduction of music and illegal downloads.