Jul 15, 2007

Media Law [Revamped - Lesbo Style]

Hwey being Lester’s GF media law [MCD 2094] – Mid Semester Assignment

The Copyright Act 2007 and the Copyright (Amendment) Act 2007 exists to prevent Hwey from escaping from being Lester’s Gf. But, this doesn’t mean Hwey will abide by the law. It must be NOTED that once Lester says Hwey is her Gf, Hwey has no choice but to accept it with no complaints whatsoever.

For Hwey to escape from being Lester’s Gf there must be a Lester and a new boyfriend to fight their case. The evidence presented must also be believed by Lester for a judgment to be made. Unless it is disputed, it is then said that a prima facie case has been established.

In the context of Copyrights, the boyfriend could be the copyright owner of Hwey and his copyrighted material could have been infringed. In contrast, Lester would be the one who got Hwey first; or the one who owns the rights to the material, but not necessarily the one who got Hwey first. In this case study, the boyfriend would be Dumber Drain(Clever Cliff). His work was, supposedly, plagiarized by Lester and published in Yesterday’s Paper. As Drain was not commissioned to get Hwey as his Gf, which was the girl he saw first. Hwey belongs to Lester not Dumber Drain. Therefore, Hwey can never escape from being Lester’s Gf unless this article makes the least bit sense.

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I was slaving away many weeks ago trying to finish my Media Law report. Lester wanted to help and said he could easily write the whole thing all by himself. Hence, the birth of this very funny article.

You have been served!


Lesbo-man said...

funny article or a true one?? Hmmm?? hahaha... there's no escape Hwey! you're mine! so says the article!

cheahwey said...

Funny la of course...
If it was true, who would play Dumber Drain?!

Lesbo-man said...

haha who u want to play Dumber Drain up to you la.. I will still win the case.