Jul 21, 2007

Harassment once more

Deng told me she kena harassed:

Deng: Suddenly I feel so pitiful... Dammit..

Deng: Don't tell Sean and Mum ah...

Brother told Mother about what he guessed Deng and I were talking about:

Hwey: I got crisis management to do now... then I'll blog.

Deng: Wei.... What you mean by crisis management. And WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT BLOGGING?!

Hwey: I gotta hide in the room first. Hopefully they will not ask me about what we were talking about. Freedom of expression, woman!

Deng asked who else knows about the harassment:

Hwey: Nope. Just you me bern and the motherfuckers for now. I don't have motherfucker in my phone's dictionary. Can you believe it?!

Deng said something else:

Hwey: Stop making me the electronic fifth wheel can anot.. Bern want to talk to you also cannot. Focus can anot! Always like that.. Tsk tsk

Deng asked what I said to Bernard:

Hwey: Told him to always stay with you......... *straight face* Even if you have to go in one of those Porta-potties.

Deng: Sooooo farnie.. What else.. Verbatim please..

Hwey: I asked him why he left and not stayed. Asked him to stay with you cause some motherfucker kacau-ed you just now. Like that la.

To Deng,

I am merely exercising my right as the-big-sister-who-was-born-second.

You have been served!

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