Jul 31, 2007

First day, first job

I just came home from me first job evarrr...

So in case you didn't know, my job was to make reminder calls, which is to call people and remind them, or in this case, ask them to confirm their attendance.

And another fact that in-case-you-didn't-know about me, I hate taking/making phone calls.

Today, I made 156 calls to 86 people.

Got some interesting calls too.

Some of them in a good mood... and answered cheerfully.

Some moody... and mumbled.

Some forgot they had an event to attend.

And then I missed lunch and almost KO-ed right there, in the middle of the room.

What's pathetic is, I earned only Rm42-56 today.

Now, I await my next project.

Hopefully it's data entry. I'd die if I have to do telemarketing.

I've gotten my next assignment. DATA ENTRY!!! Wednesday to Friday. 9-6pm. I'm part of the working class wei...

You have been served!


-Littlenicky- said...

mah.. data entry damn kao sien u summor so happy...-.-"

kaeshiuh.a.K.a yOuKishi said...

no weh. sian but nice pay..i once did telemarketing ..rm 90 per day hehe

Gzhang said...

Boredom but makes you loaded.

I WANTTTTTTTTTT. As long as I can find something to keep me busy la.

But stilll, I WANTTTTTTT. Basically just because of the money. XD

cheahwey said...

We get paid rm5/hr.

Can anot?

telemarketing you get paid so much ah... over here only rm8/hr.