Jul 29, 2007

Drive lah

for the whole day, yesterday.

I've never driven to so many places all in one day. Ever.

So yesterday was very eventful.

Remember the film we shot not too long ago?
Yeah, Idiot Genius finally started editing it on Thursday. So we can hand it in on Friday.
Of course, no sleeping time will be provided.

And to make things worse, Premiere Pro didn't work for us.

I had to use Movie Maker instead. At least it worked fine. UNTIL!!!

Friday 3pm

Finished editing and now to save it in WMV.

80% done and then ERROR.

and it goes on for 4 more times.

Wasted 2 hours just trying... then I sms-ed my lecturer and he said that either my processor/memory is weak or the graphics card isn't good enough.


The laptop's memory is a mere 1gb lah...

So we brought the laptop to school to show him the video and got good praises for it. All thanks to Deng. (<- in case she tries anything funny) It was the most terrifying moment of my life. Not even those times when I was sitting up front and nicole was driving was scary enough. Just waiting for it to finish was driving me crazy.

That was just one part of my day.

Friday morning

I went to the market with nicole and edwin to buy chicken wings for his party!


Then, because it seemed pathetic to go home so soon, we had breakfast in DJ.

From there, we planned our whole day.

After breakfast,
1. feed the Deng
2. go back to ed's place and marinate the wings
3. Shop in Giant, 1u
4. drop stuff off at ed's
5. party at 6pm

That thing wanted her Sausage McMuffin without coffee/tea but, I quote, "juice or something else".

So Ed went down to buy cause nicole was asleep. I told ed the order and said, I quote, "She said juice or something.. but just get her Ribena la.. safe choice right?"

Came home and presented Deng with her feed, and she was horrified that we got the wrong order. Aghast even.

[Pictures will come in the next update]

You have been served!


Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Damn you!!!!!

JUICE!!! Juice is ALWAYS the safest choice!!!!

cheahwey said...

You shuddup about juice... you paid edwin back adi anot??

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Paid adi la...