Jun 13, 2007

They are schtupid

Today, I lash out at the idiotic students of KDU.

Thank you and good night.

People are stupid.

They fake results to an animal rights awareness study (although not too extensive). WHY'D YOU WANNA DO THAT?

It's supposed to represent the truth. You lose a few papers. So what? To make it easier you add papers to make it a whole number instead? Just count them as they are lar. Schtupid.

People are stupid.

They don't call to remind Person A when they said they'd do the night before, but they do it the next morning and then fret over Person A's still-not-here's forthcoming reply.

People are stupid.

Now this is really stupid.

Radio pronounced as rah-dew?

Seriously?...... Seriously.

People are stupid.

If your heart is firm, how can your decision be a blur?

People are stupid.

What's the hoo ha about a music video that shows a couple making love, slowly and sensually... after all that 18sx videos your lecturer has shown you?

People are stupid.

Thanks for reading stuff off the slides because I SO cannot read. Really. Thank you.

People are stupid.

They copy and paste information and use them in their presentation without knowing what it means. AND THEN read it out word for word and saying "One of the tools used in blogging is RSS... Aaannnd I don't know what that is."


People are stupid.

They laugh when others are in some sort of difficulty.

People are stupid.

They blame the lecturers for everything.

You don't understand the subject, you blame it on the lecturer.

You scored pathetically low marks, you blame it on the lecturer.

I'm sorry I can't give a third example because I have the ability to create a buffer between the surrounding environment and myself. So good, I myself don't realize.

Also, today's unsuspecting victim, a motorcyclist.

You are stupid.

Please don't be an idiot.

Please be one when you're smoking and riding on the highway at the same time.

You have been served!

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