Jun 6, 2007

PMS again

I'm feeling all sorts of emotions lately.

Must be PMS.

Rainy Tuesday evening

And then I'm not getting enough sleep.

The plan to go to sleep early yesterday did not work out because I was playing CS with my brother.

It was fun lar... thank the brains for routers.

And then some people say the discussions the Twins hold are serious and that's bad.

Like hello? Lose all that "hee haa" in the middle and it's efficiency.

Got results back for almost all our mid term assignments.

The Sacrificial Object (The other one shall now be known as that) got full marks for Public Relations concept test.

I was three marks behind. Both our section on theories got full marks, just that the case study part, I didn't explain. Sigh. Sien.

Then film script and storyboard also good lor. But I find that these assignments, people are getting help for it. How much did their friend contribute is another question altogether.
It's a real spirit dampener when I'm staying up late, doing my work.

A little simple something I did while falling asleep in my chair, in front of the laptop, with one hand on the mouse.

You have been served!


黄氏之子 said...

Ha...the picture makes me laugh... I mean that "Under My Hood" one.

cheahwey said...


The person under the hood didn't even comment. You'd think she would've found it funny. Eesh.