Jun 18, 2007

"Colby Miller" honked at me...

But first...

I just came back from a 30minute walk back and forth from KDU > DJ Shops > KDU > DJ Shops.

At about 4pm, I'll be taking a 10minute walk from KDU > DJ Shops.

I knew we should've taken the car. Damn it.

I haven't sweat like this in a while.


Anyway, what I was gonna say was, I saw my lecturer's (Ms. N) boyfriend in person today, en route to KDU, the second trip.

So I was walking against traffic and I saw this guy-with-shades in this car and I go thinking, "Hey, this guy looks like Colby Miller".

Just as the car was about to pass me by, it honked and stopped. At that split second, I was thinking, "Why is Colby Miller stopping us??? OMG!"

See see, it's Ms. N's boyfriend. He does modelling too, so she asked him to give our models for the event tomorrow a few tips.

So, Ms. N wanted to talk to us for a bit. BUT! BUT, at the start of the convo she said to Colby Miller, "These are the twins I was talking about," and I'm like "WTF? What have you been telling Colby Miller, Ms. N? HMM?"

*chuckles again*

Must be our sthuper duper mid term results eh?

*eyebrow nudge*

BTW, KDU's ROAR (for Animal Rights) is tomorrow!!! 10am KDU Auditorium!

Later, at 4.30pm, we'll have a rehearsal and we have to be there.

Then make a trip to SS2 and pick up them folders and then to Lester's sometime at night.

But right now, I gotta get me some ration.

And I should've wrote something about my ALONE movie screening since I really want to share my experience about shaking Thai guys' hands and my first horror movie but I was busy with the programme booklet (Booklet again. Remember Campfire?)


So yeah, I gots to go.

You have been served!


dengsie said...

Loooooooool. when did this happen?? who is colby miller anyway???

cheahwey said...

YOU WERE WITH ME when this all went down.