Jun 24, 2007

Mi, myself and I

Alrighty, here come the pictures.

I forgot about this little dude.

wwf clock

I got him during the WWF talk on Wednesday.

Question was, "Last year, a tiger cub was saved from the cooking pot. What was the cub's name?"

Apparently no one knew the answer or those who knew didn't say anything.

Someone even said, "Tigger".

*palm face*

On the way,


Malaysian drivers really damn KPC lar.

If one car slows, all the other cars will have to slow down.

Like that mah jam lor...


Here we are, approaching Batu Caves.

Approaching batu caves

Yeah, because as we drive by, Batu Caves' rocks are gonna come tumbling down. Those damned explosives.


Find 2 other objects in this picture.

batu caves


Up Mount. Genting,

Tis some foggy shit

It was raining and foggy, couldn't see more than 100m. Definitely not suitable driving conditions.


Checked in.

At first,

Registration: "You're on the 8th floor. But you should know that we have renovations going on the 10th and 11th floor. But only until 6pm."

Mother: "Oh, like that ar... Can you put us on another floor?"

*type type type*

Registration: "I can put you on the 3rd floor. But it's the floor for the disabled."

And so,




FYI, the mirrors are installed at a lower height to accomodate those on wheelchairs.


Dinner @ Coffee Terrace,


fruit tartlet

nut tartlet

The loo,

nice loo

Sorry ar, the sinks overexposed liao.


8pm concert @ Arena of Stars,

No pics.

I decided to go in, holding nothing but Mother's hand.


Post concert,

Post show stage

Someone-at-least-1000-Malaysian's-know that attended the concert,

MYfm's Jack Lim,

jack lim


phoebe yap

and Roland Lee.

Roland Lee

Andrew Tan Say Aun (Astro Talent Quest 06 Runner-up) - on the right,

Met up with ChiaLi, Winnie, YiiChien(sp?) and the merchandise that came along,

Handmade mi board

Made of cardboard.

Mi myself n i

ChiaLi bought this from HK. For about 150MYR(?). What.A.Rip.Off.

That's all the pics I have from the trip.

It's a shame I don't have pics of me slaving away at 4am in the morning.

I brought homework to Genting!











The answer to the WWF Rep's question, "Last year, a tiger cub was saved from the cooking pot. What was the cub's name?" was,


Not Tiger, not Tigger and certainly not TomYam.


The 2 objects you can find from this picture,

batu caves




wooly mammoth

All my pics will now be uploaded to Flickr since Photobucket's kinda f-ed up.

And I have to transfer more than a 100 photos. Shit.

REMINDER to self: When editing photos, change pixel dimension to 450 x 338 instead.

You have been served!

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