Jun 11, 2007

I'm a girl... What d'you expect?!

Highlight of the day:

Changing the Peugeot's tyre and my dad getting annoyed with me.

I could've took some pictures of my second attempt at replacing the tyre (first attempt was the Kancil) but,
1) I left the phone in my room

2) I wouldn't have gotten pictures anyway because my hands were covered in grease despite the gloves

3) My dad was annoyed with my girly reactions and behaviour when it came to tyre replacements on moisturized ground that at the same time happens to be the dwelling of zounds of ants.

and I don't like it when he laughed at me cause I didn't know how that stupid shaped thing goes into the weird looking bolt thing.

So insulting. Bah.

I told my brother about us watching pRoN on my mobile during a friend's birthday meet.

He totally freaked out and started saying I was perverted and he also said I read pRoN.


It's those novels that Deng has been borrowing ma... Romance thrillers lor.

I mean, c'mon lar... He's already 21 and he's still "eeyer" about sex.

Although really, it looks super "eeyer" (when you think about hygiene).

I wonder if most people have their eureka moments in their bathrooms.

Archimedes did.

Well, not exactly. But technically, he did.

You have been served!


KY said...

oOo can change tires consider not bad already. Most girls just refuse to do it.

cheahwey said...

Oh thank you thank you... I am proud. It's quite fun really.