Jun 11, 2007


I can now add "tutor" into my resume.

EGADSHOLYCRAPNOWAY I'm going to be tutoring Nicole(@ that woman)'s sister, Danielle.

Not Chemistry or Add Maths. But GUITAR lessons.

source: http://www.jigglingwhisker.com/jack/music/gbv/images/guitar.jpg



Initially her sister was going to ask me herself but bailed, barely into her sentence :).

When that woman told me, I totally freaked out and idiotically, declined.

And then I thought that was stupid and very selfish of me... then I texted her back saying "OK".

It's so exciting, yet I wanna pee my pants at the same time. And break every bone in my body cause I'm FREAKING OUT.

This means I have to clean my room a bit more now and... *gasps*... plan lessons.

She'll use the electric gig cause the classical sounds way off.

Lesson #1: Don't go changing your strings like it's something simple because it's not. You need to tie them the correct way and whatnot.

Look at me, I'm already showing signs of a teacher.


So what should I teach the Danielle for her first lesson?

Basic chords first? Or should I start with a simple song?

I think I gotta brush up on mine too.

You have been served!


Gzhang said...

Try starting with a song. That way, you will introduce her to some chords which she'll be able to use immediately and she can remember them easier.

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

When I started learning before you (Hwey) did, they taught me to learn how to change from Em Am Dm. Because those chords are frequently used.

They said keep practicing until it's smooth. And you can also tteach her some finger exercise so her fingers will be strong.