May 17, 2007

Only about the 2nd & 3rd Generation lar

Long time no blog.


I finished my first and last paper for mid terms on Tuesday with many more assignments undone.


And then Wednesday, had lunch with Mum and for the first time in a long time, Sean.

On that very same day, went to see Wild Hogs (Boo!). Very impromptu.

I was telling my mum how I wanted to go since I haven't had "time off" for months now.

Then the moment came when my brother was leaving for 1u and I had to beg him to take me with him.

5 minutes away from home, my Mum called and said, "You couldn't wait for my answer is it (On whether I could go to 1u or not)? And you tell that guy to drive carefully (On my Bro's speeding tendencies)!"

So that was Wednesday.


I didn't want to stay home and as if that was a special day, Mum decided to make egg sandwiches.

Ahh... the life of a homemaker who doesn't really do much of the house work.

My bro was supposed to buy bread for the sandwiches and his other stuff for his outing and my Dad was supposed to go to KLCC for some shit.

The plan was to send Dad off to KLCC, go to 1u and buy ingredients for French Sandwich and drop homework off at college.

I've never been to KL so early in the morning.. Like friggin' 9.30a.m.

Took some photos of KL in it's rainy morning outfit.

And check out this neat trick I learnt the other day.

That's the Twin Towers under a shroud of clouds.

And Sean's french sandwich I helped prepare. Which I wasn't supposed to, but managed to because of my uB3r persuasion skills.

Then I went to bed early. Very early. Mum woke me up told me to go back to my room and continue sleeping. I did. Then I woke up again a few hours later. T'was about 1a.m. or so.

Now how'd you suppose I go back to sleep after all that Zzzz.

So I killed time doing this and that.


Got scolded for sleeping in at 5p.m. Actually I was still sleeping then.

I'm pissed lar come on.
I'm only 19. How do you expect me to go back to sleep so easily?!

But later I checked my phone... Oh btw, I'm not getting any signal lately.. for a few weeks but lately it's gotten worse... so I won't be able to receive calls or reply to text messages okay?

However, once in a while the network/phone thinks I'm pitiful beyond reasonable doubt and decides to relish me a moment of joy by sending notices of how many calls I've missed and how many messages I've received.

Anyway, remember I said the cousin's wife (what do you call your cousin's wife?) was pregnant and was going to detonate on 5/6/07?

She had her baby boy today!!

At 10.28a.m. 2.46 k.g.

He's the 3rd generation of the family if you count my Mum's as the 1st.

Thinking about it, contractions for hours... and then something as big as a baby comes out of your barely big enough for it va-jay-jay.

Man, guys have it so easy.

That's the basis of Gender Inequality I tell you. (And you can quote me on that)

Impregnate men and take over the world, bitches! (You can quote me on that too)

You have been served!


Gzhang said...

Cool trick!

The one with the blurring of the background and fine imaging of the focussed area, I mean.


And I call my cousins' spouses cousins-in-law, generally. More self-explanatory than 'mycousin'swife/husband'. Sounds so.....necessary to process..hahahaha.

Plus it sounds more personal that way =P

kaeshiuh.a.K.a yOuKishi said...

way the go hwey .. credits to u = )

cheahwey said...

Go me??


I'm going to see them today!! after 3.30pm!!

Because my brother wants to see the baby too... which is disturbing, to say the least.