May 7, 2007

Oh Mother

I'm too sleepy to form beautiful sentences with my sthuper duper language skills today.

Today's post is about my Mother's trip to the US.
She went... and she came back after 3 weeks.

Why didn't Customs stop her? She could've been carrying a US kid citizen back to Malaysia.
And my next mission is to fit into that big luggage in the middle there.

For ages 2-4 only.
I swear it's tiny.
And I did a rendition of Avril's Sk8ter Boi with it on and dropped my (Mother's) N70.

Did I spell her name correctly?
Heck, as long as I don't call her Lindsay Lohan.

Fisherman's Souvenier

My fucking first owned explicit album. Because it's so explicit, I fucking love it. Fuck yeah.
*I'm so funny I could die*

New shoes! Sandals!!!
I finally have slippers to wear!

And EGADS, I can't believe Thatcher slapped Meredith.

and Susan died!!!

And Derek looks like he's gonna leave Meredith!

You have been served!

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