May 24, 2007

Just 3 days worth today

Reminder to self (in no specific order):

  • Update - Monday's outing with Nicole and SiokWah
  • Call Mr. V about Traxx FM's involvement in fooking PR event
  • Do fooking script and storyboard for film studies
  • Do content analysis for today's paper
  • ***Do PR essay due tomorrow***
  • Pick and analyse MV for MCS
  • Prepare Multimedia info for presentation

That's pretty much how my life is right now.

I can't afford to be sick, nor can I afford the hours of sleep I have been getting these few days. And that's around 6 hours. Too much.

I need to be doing my work already!!

Thanks Jason and Uncle Lioh for the Mille Crepe all the way from Malacca.
Haven't eaten it yet, but I'm sure it'll do good when I'm rushing my ass off assigments.

Not my business, but GZ, we need to set a date to meet up and pass your shirt to you.

Or we'll take it to Australia with us and make it our 'jammies.

My, how time flies.

It's almost June and we're moving house soon.

Hey, it rhymes.

Then havoc begins.

Old clothes, stuffed toys, junk, toys, more junk...

What to keep and what to throw?

As far as organizing committees go, PR is the worst. Bah!

Ey deng, tonight I use the laptop ok??

You have been served!


Gzhang said... week maybe? I'm having two weeks off from school...

cheahwey said...

great, we're having one week off.

you can call deng and schedule something.

wait, it's not a nationwide school holiday is it?

Gzhang said...

It is....although I don't know when you guys are off. I'm having my hols starting today.