May 20, 2007

50% Geeks, 25% Baby Ryan & 25% Grey's

My Dad, with his geeky roots and all, decided to take the family to the ITEX Convention @ KLCC, yesterday. And while we're at it, go through the SMART tunnel first before they start to charge for it and also to give it a go lar of course. What? You think we're cheapskates ar? We're just realistic.

The tunnel was a simpler way for people like me (read: don't-know-their-way-around-KL) to go straight to Jalan Tun Razak and another Jalan that's on the same turn-off with Bukit Bintang, without the hassle of going through Mahameru (wherever that is) and Jalan what's-his-face.

Quite long lar the journey through the tunnel.

I foresee racers zipping past every curve and bend during off peak hours.

After that cheap thrill, we got to KLCC and as we were approaching the main entrance, 3 boys/geeks (Seriously. Damn geeky) were behind us.

Shortly after that, they passed us up the elevators toward the convention because Daddy dawdled around.

Daddy: "How do we go to the ITEX thing ar?"

Hwey (to Sean): "Follow the geeks."

Hwey starts talking to Sean,

Hwey: "You know, you used to dress like that (geeky) lor... (short sleeve button up with/without tee inside)"

Sean: "Serious?? But now I don't (look so geeky) right?"

Hwey: "You still do, but not as geeky..."

Throughout the journey to Hall 4 & 5,

Hwey: "Amazing architecture..."

At the entrance of Hall 4,

Hwey: "This is a friggin' geek fest..."

About 20 steps from the entrance,

Hwey: "OMG, this is so boring."

Inside the hall,

Hwey (@ mosquito repellant booth): "Ey, look. There's a mosquito right behind the sample."

The irony. Love it.

Souvenirs for the absent,

I don't know what's it with me and sceneries lately. I have another one to show.

Can you spot the Regency which also appeared in my other photo?

Unfortch, due to foreseen and the inevitable circumstance, I didn't get to see Baby Ryan tonight. I have somewhat of a rather weak cough. More like a half-hearted cough, unlike my super loud dry cough I've had all these years.

Don't want anything to happen to 3 day old Baby Ryan with a near-to-nothing immune system.

I started sneezing afterwards, so I had the sniffles; in one nostril. The other one was just blocked.

With shampoo in my hair, I sniffed cause I thought the "tap" was open, and there you go ladies and gentleman, I did it again.

Shampoo in the nasal #3!!!

Last episode for Grey's Anatomy Season 3 people!

Ingrid Michaelson - Corner of Your Heart:

Ingrid Michaelson - Keep Breathing:

And dude, why did George have to go and fail his exam? Not cool!

I don't know where I got this, but... Addison cannot leave Seattle Grace!!! NO!!

Poor Miranda, her Chief Resident, gone with the wind, so long, goodbye, Sayonara, au revoir, eat dust...
Why didn't she get it?

And Meredith, Meredith, Meredith... she's just so screwed up. What with Cristina's oh-no-you-din't-happen marriage?!

You have been served!


Deng, the very eveel genius said...

I'm torturing myself reading this post.

Yes, I'm somewhat blaming you for my torture, making me strain my neck reading this.

Now I don't dare to read Sewjin's blog adi.

Gzhang said...

I don't get why Christina was crying lor. Whether it was because she's relieved that she doesn't have to restrain herself any longer or because Burke's gone, I really can't tell. Sometimes, the girls are so...emotionally undefined.


Thanks for the lesson on how to do that image editing. Haven't actually figured some parts out but I will! Eventually...XD

cheahwey said...

She cried because Burke left lar..

Cristina: "I'm free... Damn it!"
And then you see the hyterics of it all... The can't breathe thing and breaking down.