Apr 26, 2007

Why no coverage?!

Just came home after picking cuzzie from her school.


*Cuzzie says she's ready to come home*

*I send: Saya mali skarang*

*Wears a PINK flip flop (it's the only pair that fits)*

*Drives to IACT*

*Stops by the road and calls cuzzie*

*No good*

*Calls again*

*And again*

*And again*

"Gawd damn it..."

*Tries again*

*No network coverage*


*One more time*

*No network coverage*

"What the fuck?"

*Drives around to get to the other side of the road*


*Calls sister*

*No good*

*Calls house*

*No good either*


*Looks at signal strength*


*Calls cuzzie*

*No network coverage*

And this goes on for a while...

I could've went in to look for cuzzie but...

I was wearing something like this.

Which I think is quite wrong.

Anyway, I got in and I borrowed a phone.


You have been served!


James2spooky said...

The PINK looks kinda appealing than the other two XD

kaeshiuh.a.K.a yOuKishi said...

oooooo pink wor .. avril's new album also contained loads of "pinks" kena influence eh?

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Pink flip flop, you mean, Deng's pink flip flops..

cheahwey said...

James: so there you see... the difference in colour.

K: The flip flops were bought few years ago ler... avril came on too late.

Deng: Oh yeah, I knew that. I just didn't want to link you. You should've linked yourself in the comments. Tsk tsk.

James2spooky said...

BTW, which network service you are using? (Maxis Hotlink/Digi/TM Celcom)

cheahwey said...