Apr 25, 2007

Social Retards


How socially conscience and thoughtful of them to want to keep their breaths smelling fresh.

And VERY socially conscience of them to leave it there.

Just yesterday, this woman was walking along the hallway and one by one she left rubbish on top of "furnitures" set along it.

As such,

*jalan jalan*

*leaves McD plastic bag with tissue inside*

*Jalan jalan*

*leaves ice cream Sundae cover on shelf*

*and jalan jalan*

The worse thing about it was she did it with people right behind her.

No humility at all lar seriously.

You have been served!


nazlihaffiz said...

*imagining like dr. john dorian of scrubs fame*

jalan jalan..

whacked kau kau by the McD staff..


cheahwey said...

Heh... that would be funny...

yet violent at the same time.

Now that's entertainment.