Apr 13, 2007

Should've Could've Would've

Just the other day...

Actually, just yesterday, Mum, Deng and I were in Tesco's Market section when suddenly we heard a commotion.

At first it was all a blur and then everyone just came to realize that it was a pickpocket's escape in progress.

This Idiot bump into an Uncle and, very skillfully might I add, stole the Uncle's $$.
But Idiot probably didn't pass Stealth 101 in The Academy of Pickpocketing, because his little bump was witnessed by a woman/Uncle's wife/sister-in-law/sister/auntie.

So Uncle and another man trying to feel Idiot's pockets while attempting to stop him while he tries to walk away.

Not run, but walk.

I'm surprised Uncle didn't use brute force.

I don't know how the dude got away lar because everybody was nosy; following the 3 guys after they made a corner, yet didn't lend a helping hand to Uncle and the other man.

It's funny how people started following Idiot, Uncle and another man after they disappeared into an isle. Before that, when all 3 were still in plain sight, nobody moved.

But I think more people would've helped if the woman actually made sense when she started saying something in relation to her seeing Idiot steal Uncle's $$.

"Ey... Ey!!!" were the first words everybody heard.

D'you think I'd know what you're blabbering about?

She should've said: "THAT MOFO STOLE HIS MONEY!!!"

And the crowd could've stopped Idiot.

And Idiot would've been caught.

But I heard Idiot worked in a team.


I don't know.

You have been served!


fishtail said...

Yes, most of these scumbags work in a team, especially inside LRT trains. One bumps into the victim, takes his/her purse/handphone, and passes it to accomplice before victim even realizes it. The whole team leaves at the next station and starts again.

cheahwey said...

I wonder if the media taught them that.