Apr 8, 2007

Sell me perfume in Hokkien

With one script synopsis to write, a PR paper to redo, and Malaysian Court Structure to read up, I went on my jolly way to Samad to crash the Form 4's Junior Camp.

Damn it feels so good to go out and have fun, when you actually have more important things to do.

I went on Friday and Saturday, but decided to skip Sunday.

Things looked the same... but they weren't.

The Den, now has two armchairs, that look way out of place.

Junior Camp was... oh man, tension sial. Everybody was like... stern. Isn't it supposed to be fun; an introductory camp for the juniors ma... Gotta think Business/Advertising/PR.. You get their attention, give them a great time, and finally get them to come again.

This was Nicole trying to sell me perfume in Hokkien...

Until the damn phone decided to go bonkers on me.

And this is Julian, having only slept 1 hour, the night before.

Lights out, and we were reminiscing oldtimes, doing old-school* marching in the tapak.

*You know why old school anot? Ever since we left, they changed the marching style adi lor. For hormat, you salute someone, you say, "up". When you put your hand down, you say "up" too. Stupid, because it's contradicting.

You have been served!


siok wah said...

damn funny la..

cheahwey said...

She was the try-hard-and-scaring-away-customers kind of sales rep. We were all scared and trying to squirm away.