Apr 22, 2007

Post MTV Live

One Buck Short's drummer was cute. In fact, he looks like NTV7's What Women Want's, Andrew. And their guitarist was awesome. He played lead and rhythm at the same time.

Estrange has some, although not audible at that time, but really great rock songs.

Lo was the best though.

Of my well-being post concert:

Sore toes. Sweaty. Partially deaf. Molested.

Throughout the show, the VJs came down to the VIP area to watch the show.

Colby came out first, with his GF. Blonde chick.

Then Denise. She posed for lotsa photos. Lots of it. And I think the big guy with big curly long blonde hair was her BF.

So that's all. Deng stole all my pictures.

2 audio files from the show:
Keep Your Hands Off My Girl:


You have been served!


Gzhang said...

The 'Keep Your hands Off My Girl' sounds pretty metallic. Must be because of the recorder, I guess.

And that's a whole lot of screaming =)

cheahwey said...

It's just really funny how when it came to the "uh huh... uh huh" part of the chorus, you hear the highs and the lows of voices.