Apr 23, 2007

It's one of those days...

*sthooper-dhooper long posthh*

I had a fairly great day today.

Woke up feeling like shit, had dust from the projector fall on top of me in a great class of Media Law, with World's Favourite Lecturer.

I think Law is a funny thing really.

Or maybe it's just the way World's Favourite Lecturer explains it.

Anyway, after class, it's PR!!

I hauled my ass all the way up to 3rd floor LHH 30minutes before class.

During the 30minutes before class:

*walks toward balcony*

(i) We looked at one of the best views from atop KDU.

Best picture I’ve taken with the n70 so far.

(ii) Bullshitted.

(iii) Chilled in silence.

*walks back to bench*

*bunch of people exiting after class*

*look look*

*spotted JeatYieng rummaging through her belongings*

*gets up to knock into her*

*JeatYieng looks up*



"What's all that weight loss programme about?"

*flashes weight loss button*

"I'll talk to you about that later. Come follow me go downstairs."

"Cannot. I have class."

"I have class too. C'mon."

*pulls my arm*

"Don't want lar! Haiyo..."

"Ok lar, see you later!"

*boost in already relaxed/happy mood*

*walks back to bench*

*look see look see*

*tengok jam*

*Ey, where's our lecturer?*


"Class is at 4.06!"

*runs up to mate*

"What is it about?"

"Class change to 4.06. What's wrong with the school? Everyone except us knows."

*climbs stairs up to 4th floor*

Oh yeah, I didn't mention my calves were sore on Sunday... and today. Damn concert.

*jalan-jalan all the way to 4.06*

*deng deng deng deng*

FYI, room 4.06 is the room high up in the bird's nest; like an evil witch's lair high up in the castle.

You have to walk up a much-to-narrow-for-Dumbo staircase up into the room.

But that's not the real issue.

The only thing memorable about that room is the smell it emits.
More like the smell reeking from the carpets!

That stench is horrible.

I still remember those days when we had to change classes to 4.06 for Newswriting.
Super duper odor at 8am in the morning for two hours.

So here we are in the classroom, seated and ready for our lecture.

Then I noticed something amiss.

Our lecture was on "Ethics and Professionalism".

Lecturer's starting speech:

I considered preparing a transcript but...

You guys heard the part where she mentioned after class, we're going to discuss what events we wanna hold for our finals right?

The class suggested animal rights, children's rights, environment, women's rights, befrienders, support our local music scene, racial harmony, social rights etc.

Here, we're voting and it came to children's rights.

"Do you guys want to include the disabled in children's rights?"


Dude: "No need!"

*class breaks out into laughter*

*Lecturer makes face*

... you'd think they were more compassionate...

"Ok, children's rights. Who votes for children's rights?"

*looks around*


*class breaks into laughter. Again.*

"Yeah, cause you know, poor kids." [Note the sarcasm.]

Then it came to animal rights. It got the highest votes until the local music scene idea came up.

And then they're talking about how it would be very difficult to hold a "Support Your Local Music Scene" event bla bla bla.

In the end, we picked animal rights. Yay. Me likey.

*tick tock tick tock*


Even lunch was nice. Can you believe it?

Then we had a meeting for our Multimedia presentation which is due in JUNE. Procrastinator no more!!

At one point, I was explaining how key-gens are written and groupmates didn't get it. So there I go explaining further until Deng said:

"You're turning red!"

... and proceeds to laugh her ass off.

Stupid little girl.

And finally, Media Culture and Society. Also our Film Studies lecturer.

I like his classes.

Feels like Form 5 Moral Studies all over again.

You have been served!


James2spooky said...

LoL I was laughing because the lecturer's speech that you have recorded...I thought it was a cartoon character's voice ><

James2spooky said...

Hmm, you know, the recorded voice sounded like someone's sister in South Park cartoon.

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

I feel that you pixelling the picture of Lecturer Pengenalan kepada pengajian filem is like, not enough la.

"So there I go explaining further until Deng said:

"You're turning red!"

... and proceeds to laugh her ass off."

Don't forget I pinched your little face.

cheahwey said...

James: Her voice is quite high pitched really.

Deng:I think it's just fine. Maybe it's obvious to you because you've seen his face.

"Don't forget I pinched your little face."

Well, obviously I've forgotten. And seriously, I've forgotten.

cheahwey said...

ey you didn't notice something familiar about the first pic's caption ar?

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

I did.