Apr 16, 2007

I was robbed of my blankie.

What a pathetic, pitiful, selfish and bimbotic man.

Who throws out an old blanket before getting a new one in hand?

Who bullies his way into robbing his sister of the blanket she was using when he could've used an alternative?

Who would be so thick skinned and selfish to say they're freezing and yet leave the fan running at 3, while dragging away the blanket his sister was comfortably wrapped in?

10pts if you can give me a name.

You have been served!


Cathy C said...


cheahwey said...


You get 10pts.

And if I was a balding uncle who fancied little girls, I'd give you an extra 10pts just for the heck of it.

Cathy C said...

haha...really?u know what??uncles fancy me...haha

cheahwey said...

Do you like it?

Oh, here comes an Uncle. His name is Perv; short for Pervert.

Cathy C said...

haha...oo..ic..so uncle perv,do u think i am cute? *for goodness sake*

cheahwey said...

Hi siew muimui, uncle buy you sweet want anot?

if you don't want sweet, i can show you little goldfishes too.

Cathy C said...

oo Uncle Perv..so nice of you..but i dont like old goldfishes..maybe if you have a younger goldfishes then i might think about it =)

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

You people are funny la.

Got proper chatbox don't want to use.

Why is that?