Apr 24, 2007

The Hypocritical Idiots That They Are

Finally someone brings up an interesting and constructive topic, everybody shoots it down.

The minute a "not everyone's perfect" is mentioned, everyone jumps on the bandwagon.

Hello? It's already been used, get your own argument.

I mentioned this discussion a few days ago in an earlier post.

i found that almost most of members don'tsay negative about sammi.
so challenge yourself and say something that sammi needs to improve.you can't lie youself that she is perfect.
so here i go....
1) her recent music is cheesy and mushy. in another words, not modern and still left behind and lingering around 90s style musics
2) her style is not as shocking as the past. now she behaves like an unconfident desperate woman

i know it hurts but you shouldn't be nodding at whatever your idol does

er... Nah... I won't... Because for one, nobuddi is perfect... Secondly, it's a fan site!!! Not a debating site!!! I'm against this topic...

Sorry... [cool]

Human being is human being. Nobody in this world is perfect.
No matter how famous an artise is, they are also just a human being. They have emotion too. Life have up and down in each and every human being... Don't tell me one can be happy forever???
So I agree with you. I against this topic..

Sorry [Rolling Eyes]

Here they are talking about how everyone isn't perfect and we should accept the positive things about them and forget the negative, over there, they're talking about how Miriam isn't as pretty as Sammi, how she "copies" Sammi's style... POOI!


I've never seen a bunch of people who are so blinded by adoration that they cease all forms of rational thought.

You have been served!

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