Apr 5, 2007


Mum's birthday is on 12th April and I've written her a poem.

But I don't want to just give her a paper to read off, I want it to be something special.

E.g. carved on a plaque... but it's too expensive.

I thought about cross-stitching it but not what I would really want though.

Any ideas?

You have been served!


Cathy C said...

sorry..cant help u now...mind kinda blank out...when i can think of one,then i'll tell u k?

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

You don't want it stitched on a cloth or you don't want to do the stitching?

Cuz I can do the latter.

Cathy C said...

deng:sounds like u damn pro like that...

hwey,cross-stitching is a good idea...was thinking any better ideas or not..cant think of any tho..

cheahwey said...

Cuz it seems stupid to stich it on a cloth... and framing it...

But now i think machiam mou man tai like that.

like that ar, deng you buy the stuff and stitch it la