Apr 21, 2007

The blind and the guilty

I just watched Match Point.

That was some crazy shit.

Chris, a tennis instructor marries his student, Tom's sister, Chloe and at the same time, he was having an affair with Tom's then fiance, Nola.

Chris impregnated Nola and she was pressuring him to tell Chloe about their affair or she will. She wanted him to take responsibility; to be together.

But Chris didn't. In fact, he had something else planned.

One day, he told Nola that he had good news and they can start making plans. He was supposed to meet her at her apartment.
Chris went to Nola's apartment building, got into Nola's neighbour's place, across the hall and shot the old woman. With a bloody shotgun. He trashed the place to make it look like a drug related burglary.

Then, he waited for Nola to come home and he shot her.

In the end, he never got caught. He was suspected, but something else threw the police off the scent.

Class, our other topic of discussion today would be, "How (a majority of) people never make negative statements about their idols".

Because they're having this discussion right now in sammicheng.popz.tv.

And some people there think that the topic shouldn't even be discussed.

Repressive people.

I don't care if you love what's-his-face, but seriously, if whatever what's-his-face did was stupid, you say it's stupid.

If that outfit what's-his-face wore was fugly, you say it out loud.

You're just spineless, biased and blind.

Or, innane and naive.

You have been served!

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