Mar 18, 2007

When I was 12. Now I'm 19.

Dear ZeonicholasDericChai,

I am fine. How are you?



I tried very hard to write like a 12 year old, but my Inggerish too powderful adi, juZ like Son-Goku's Eneji Boll.

Well, I'm studying Mass Comm in KDU right now.

Am currently in the 4th day of my two-week break.

And um... in case you misunderstood, I was just saying that I was invited because of KweeHuey. But of course, I didn't know whether you were going to invite me in the first place anyway. So that was how the scenario went. But I'm not pissed or whatever about it in any way.

Because I don't have much of an emotion.

And I can't believe I'm talking about who-invited-who-so-who-comes kinda thing... It's so spoiled brat ala Super Sweet 16. Some of them aren't even 16.

And this is, ladies and gentlemen, a great example of why you shouldn't write anything stupid about someone from your past, present and future.

You have been served!


ZeonZone said...

HEY, cool, with this post you've officially bloged twice on the subject- ZEONICHOLASDERICCHAI. oh well, no hard feelings here. Just thought that u ought to know this. hehe.
KDU? oh ok. Some of my ex classmates are also in KDU.
herm... I stumbled upon ur blog when I google *-.-! my name.
So yeah, thats about it la. I just started blogging. So feel free to drop by at my page.

Take care and c ya around aite!

Gzhang said...

Urgh. My Sweet 16.

Spoiled. Shallow. Insensitive. Self-centred. Vain. Greedy. Narcissistic. Demanding. Status hungry. Popularity chasers. Show offs. Brainless. Egotistical. Spendthrift. Irrational.

And all this just at the top of my head. Idiotic teens.