Mar 18, 2007

Thank you Mr. Postman

You know how kids/you used to write "Thank you Mr. Postman" on the envelope when they/you were younger?

For the record:
I didn't write "Thank you Mr. Postman" ever in my life because I found it too... childish?


Ok, naive.

A nice gesture as it may be, but "naive" is not a word that gets along well with me.

Oh, and they'd decorate the whole effing letter with stickers.

And write poems in their letters.

What is it with kids and poems??!!


Drink hot coffee,
Drink hot tea,
Burn your lips,
and remember ME.

What?!! No creativity to write their own poems?!

Aren't they supposed to have imaginations of monsters and spaceships... and fairies... and dinosaurs... and really HOT specimens of the opposite sex?

I'll give you one...

Kids are midgets,
they cry and fidget,
so they'll get their widgets.
Those damn midgets.

or two.

We are Friends.
But it all depends.
You fucked my girl,
it makes me GRRRR.
But it's been swell,
go burn in Hell.

I can feel my creative juices flowing already!

You have been served!


JR's Thumbprints said...

With X-Box, the Wii, the Ipod, etc. etc. etc. kids don't do any of these things anymore. Their imagination is prepackaged, marketed, and sold to them.

siok wah said...

hey,nice poems..LOL
too free,nothing better to do ar?