Mar 7, 2007

An Orange Encounter

I was downstairs putting dishes in the sink and out of the corner of my eye, I saw something orange.

*walks back a few steps*

*bends and look*


It was zees.

A goldfish.

So I was thinking, "what's a goldfish doing in this house?"

"Who brought it home?"

"Was it Grandma?"

"Her buddies from the temple gave one to her?"

"That must be it."

"But geez, this small container as it's home?"

"Got food wan anot?!"

And then I'm like...

"OMFG! Is it gonna live like that for as long as it lives?!"

With the notion that Mr. Fishy was brought home by my Grandmama, I asked Deng if we should feed it.

I was looking for a container big enough for it. But of course, we just don't have big ones at home.
So I gave up, figuring we'd be able to buy one.

Contemplated for a while; wondering whether whatever we gave Mr. Fishy would kill him or feed him.

So we fed him a pinch of the not-so-distant cousin of bread; Bahulu cakes.

I think you can see the picture of a Bahulu here.

At first, it didn't respond to the Bahulu.

Then after a while, Mr. Fishy found it.

He went for it, but it looked as though he was spitting it back out again.

The other half said maybe it was trying to break the Bahulu into smaller pieces.

Then I suddenly thought, "Maybe we should ask Jamie about this. Maybe she knows."

Then I ran up and asked, "Do you know we have a fish in the house?"

Jamie said, "Yeah, I just bought it. It's for my shoot (movie)."

and I'm all "OMG.WTF.HELL NO!"

Instead, I said, "Oh Ok.. Hehe."

Then I did an "Exit. Stage right" sorta thing, ran downstairs and hyperventilated.

I said to the other half, "OMG! That's... *laughs*... That's *gasps*... That's Jamie's fish!"

"What the hell are we supposed to do?!"

"We need to get the food out!"

"How?! How?!"

Because I was shitting-my-pants-worried about killing the fish, I don't remember what Deng said.

I said, "We need to change the water!!!"

"It'll be dirty in the morning and JAMIE WILL KNOW WE FED THE FISH!"

But Deng was all "Oh, we must do the right thing" and I was still scared shit.

Because, if fishy dies, Jamie's shoot will be affected.
Plus, we sleep in the same room. It's dangerous territory, buddy.

Later, I blurted, "How about we use the ladle to scoop the food out??"

And Deng was like, laughing her ass off or something.


In the end, Deng told Jamie and I guess she was ok with it because on the way up, I heard them laughing at my ladle suggestion.

In case there was a misunderstanding, I didn't mean scoop the fish out, I meant scoop the FOOD OUT.


You have been served!

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