Mar 13, 2007

Of celebs and TV shows

I got this SMS some days ago asking if I was Peter.

Hai, is dat peter? Can chat a while?

I wanted to send this reply.

Yes, I'm Peter Petrelli. Do YOU have any special abilities?

Now what would they,

say about...



Av's selling her loft for $6.9 mil. 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms.
Look at that baby.

You have been served!


Deng, the very eveel genius said...

I don't like Sammi in that. Her makeup sucks.

Why is Avvie selling her loft? Is this her bachelorrete house?

cheahwey said...

"I don't like Sammi in that. Her makeup sucks."

My point exactly. And what's her hand doing in her pocket??
I don't think she should've covered her face like that.

I'm thinking the house is the one she bought with Deryck?
Actually, I did't know where she lived before she got married.

You know what, I'm 99% sure the house is the one they bought together. Because prior to that, they sold their houses in Toronto and moved in together.