Mar 29, 2007

Home alone. At last.

Guess what?!

I'm going to be HOME ALONE tomorrow!!

Like, really home alone.

Not the whole day though... Only up till 12pm. 1pm tops.

In the past, when I'm home alone, it meant Deng-and-I-home-alone.

But tomorrow it's totally ME. Just me, myself and moi.

What will I do now that no one's at home???

Do I run around nekkid?

Do I sing my heart out? Although this entire neighbourhood isn't what you might call, sound proofed.

Do I play with fire? I still have two chunks of solid fuel from a camp, a few years ago. D'you think it's still safe?

Do I sleep in? Boo! A waste of what could be a great time...

Do I dismantle something and put it back together just for kicks? Probably not a good idea because things tend to get broken after I play with it.

Oh gee... I really don't know what I'm going to do.

*in deep thought*


Oh man, now I've gotta eat maggi mee for lunch and breakfast.


Does anybody dangerous know where I live? Because I'm going to ping this and this move will make you say "What are you?! STUPID?!!" a gazillion times over.

You have been served!


desiderata said...


Thanks for giving this bummer an education on a Beemer!:)
Hey, knot advisable to publicise about your Being Homey A-L-one!:)

Some creeps might jest INVITE themselves in -- or art thou planning sequel number Xxx? I don't mind being SCRIPTwritHer! (for 20million...OK, cut you in for 30%:)

cheahwey said...

Thank goodness I keep my anonimity in control. :)