Mar 26, 2007

Grey's Anatomy junkies only

Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Episode 19:

Who the heck is George going to sleep with next?!

That is the question...

Once, considered the Sister of the House; the House being Meredith's dead mother's house, he's now slept with both female residents of said House.

Little Bambi has now grown up to be a MAN. Who, of course, slept with his ex-roommates.

What if he slept with Christina?

Probably not a good idea if he still wants to stick around the hospital.

Burke will probably kill him. Not to mention Callie, Callie's father, Callie's entire family...

And Christina had a nice plan. Name.

A nice plan name.

Her plan had a name.

Obviously I have nothing much to say about her plan except for the name.

Be kind. Rewind.

And her mosquito net comment was funny.

Although, Burke can be cruel at times.

Granted, their relationship is a bit complicated and pathetic, but if you look at the big-42"-HDTV-picture, it's simple.

The part where Jane Doe had to pick her new face? It was so obvious which picture she was gonna pick.

Well, part obvious part common sense.

Obvious; when Alex was helping Jane Doe pick a new face, and his descriptions for the other 2 faces; Maggie & Elizabeth, were so much more different than the one he did for the third face; Ava.
It was much more personal. Plus, Ava looked better than Maggie and Elizabeth.

And blimey, I've finally seen what a skinny blonde Meredith is... The last scene where the Mer-Der-Sex was gonna happen?!
Holy, she's so tiny, I wouldn't even touch her in fear of breaking her little bones. Assuming I have the chance to even touch... or see her.

You have been served!


Jasonmumbles said...

George slept with her?! OMFG. What's wrong with the show lah?! Essshh... I watched Season 1 and its nice. Come Season 2, towards the end it was getting really boring as it was just all about sleeping each other and I decided to stop watching and stop downloading the remaining 10 episodes. Now, I think GA's storyline is just revolving around sleeping each other, that's all. Suck!

cheahwey said...

Didn't the appearance and reappearance of MARK SLOAN and DENNY DUQUETTE made you want to watch further??

Aiya, don't pay so much attention to the sleeping with each other thing ma... But the sleeping with each other thing means something.
Why they slept together, what will their future be after that etc.

Jasonmumbles said...

That two? Heh! Mau leng zhai leng lui, I rather watch Las Vegas. They are so much more handsome and hotter.

Well, it gets annoying when every 5 episodes, one will be sleeping with another. Then after the next 5 episode, another one will be sleeping another one again. Then after next 5 episode, a new character, which one will be sleeping with or he/she slept with before.


If want to talk medical things, they are not really talking about that also. Talk 10% and some jargons and that's it.

Talk about hospital administrating, also nothing much.

The whole story line is like sleeping with each other and the love story between the characters.

In other words, no substance? Or rather, weak storyline.

cheahwey said...

Aiya... I don't know why you don't like it.

Ok mou siong gon. You don't like greys anatomy. Wah meng.

And jeez, why go bald?!?!

*This convo shall be transfered to you blog.*