Mar 21, 2007

Evan Rachel Wood

I have a new fixation.

It is she...

Evan Rachel Wood

Perhaps you would know her as the girlfriend in GreenDay's Wake Me Up When September Ends.

Her acting is so good I can't believe it.

At I don't know what age, she played a girl with an eating disorder. And she did a very good job at that too.

She's not the Hilary Duff, Lindsay "Firecrotch" Lohan, sort of Hollywood It Girl.
She's different.

In fact, some of the movies she's starred in was banned in Malaysia.

Scene from Pretty Persuasion; she plays a 15 year old who accuses her teacher of sexual assault.

... which pretty much sums it all up.

Oh, plus the homosexual themed movies/shows she's starred in.

And that's refreshing for a girl like her.

You have been served!

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