Mar 2, 2007

Almost there

Neopian Bank

Right now, I'm at 3327549 NP, Millionaire Double Platinum.

Another 1672451 NP, I'll be at Millionaire Mega-Platinum.

If I'm collecting 1000 NP a day, I'll get to my target in 1672 more days.


I think I'd better start playing some games or someone will laugh at me for playing Neopets while I'm in the Uni's com lab.

And in the spirit of Grey's Anatomy's scriptwriters; Seriously, that would be so embarrassing on so many levels.

You have been served!


Jasonmumbles said...

Is your account the top interest rate one? If not, you still lose out. Haha! Can't believe you are still playing neopets. -.-ll

cheahwey said...

I need to reach 5 mil to increase interest rate.

I'm not really playing lar, more like collecting interest everyday and matching mahjong tiles when i'm bored. :D

Gzhang said...

You still log on? Wow...I think I stopped logging in two years ago..

I have slightly less than you..Most of my items still not sold off. Got quite some good stuffs there too like paint brushes, neggs and maps. You want?

I really have no use for them =)

cheahwey said...

Nah, I don't really need it.

I like to keep it simple by collecting interest everyday and not care about transactions on neopets.

and since every comment here ended with an emoticon, i shall end with one too. \m/ I Rock \m/ :)