Feb 5, 2007

They're all grown up

Jebus, the pressure must be getting to them.

First we have good ol' Daniel Radcliffe going all naked on us for Equus and getting a marvelous view at that.
[Photos from Here]

Then we have lil sweet Emma Watson following in Daniel's footsteps.
[Ok, I couldnt find the picture anywhere yet so I used Trent's.]

I must say, it looks photoshopped. If you zoom in on her chin, you'll see that its real straight and looks way too smooth. And you gotta take a look at the shadows, I can't really tell.

I guess nowadays people just don't want to listen to actors anymore.

Makes it that much harder for actors to break that cemented image the public gives them.

Before you know it, we're gonna have Rupert Grint come out nekkid like all his friends.

You have been served!

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