Feb 18, 2007

The Soppy-ness

Somehow it's not showing, so click here.

An ad our lecturer showed us in class.

I teared.

A good ad is one that can be understood without audio or video.

And I think that was a good ad. Although we wouldn't really know because we don't understand Thai.


Meredith dies!!

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Well, at least she almost died.

The video:

Somehow it's not showing, so click here.

I teared/cried.


I almost died when I saw Derek carrying a pale Meredith out of the icy cold waters.


Hmm... both videos are about death.

Ooh.. bad way to start CNY.


I want to declare my love to Grey's Anatomy. May you go on long and forever till they all grow old. Or something. kthanxbye.

Season 3 is getting better and better!

Can't wait for Episode 17!!!!

GZ!! Are you reading this!?!?

I don't find a lot of Grey's Anatomy junkies in my social circle.

So do you hear me!?!!?

You have been served!


Gzhang said...

Ehhhhh, I'm a grey's fan too!!!!

My sis and I actually gasped when she *slits throat*! It was that much of a shocker kay...

Haha...I have one or two grey's junkie. There's one classmate of mine who watches one tree hill, grey's, heores, gilmore girs, friday night lights...among other things.....wayyyy more addicted to drama than us la...

cheahwey said...

"My sis and I actually gasped when she *slits throat*! It was that much of a shocker kay..."

Was that sarcasm??
Because I didn't just GASP, I kept on talking and talking and I don't even know what I said, but my reaction was bigger than a GASP.

Gzhang said...

I don't get it why everyone thinks I'm ebing sarcastic. There's NO sign of me being sarcastic. Is there a crime for actually being sincere? Sheesh.

Just because you did more than a gasp doesn't mean we have to be flabbergasted chickens. It's obvious she's gonna survive this. So why overreact.

cheahwey said...

Who else thought it was sarcasm?

Gzhang said...

No. Kae Shiu thought I was being sarcastic when I actually complimented him on doing something.

Being nice really doesn't suit me I guess.

cheahwey said...

People have this expectation of how others should react upon certain situations.

Maybe it's based on the person's own reaction or it's based on how they think of you.

But for the record, it was the words you used that made me think of sarcasm. :D

We need to meet up for a hostage exchange thingy.
You got the card, I got your pressie.

Gzhang said...

Yeah...see la when free kay. Maybe during my march hols. i'm having tests next week. So no can do for this week