Feb 21, 2007

Need sleep

Chia Li just visited, together along with Winnie. Cute girl.

And I didn't mean Chia Li.


I just realised today, that Winnie sounds just like my brother's girlfriend, Wan Ru.

Both have sweet voices... and polite.

All that nice-things-to-say gone, Chia Li woke me from my sleep.

I slept at 7am. I need my rest dammit.

*waves fist*

But then she asked me about Sammi's concert in May @ HK.

And then I thought, "Aiya... Ya hor. But I want to go to Avril's thingie on 1st May to 5th May (either one). Sammi's from 18th-21st of May pulak".

The worst has yet to come.

My mum will still be in the US when Avril's in Asia. So I can't go.
I'll be having mid terms for the next semester on the week of Sammi's concert in HK. So I can't go.

I've been cursed.

I'll never attend an Avril concert.

*puppy whimper*

Have you guys heard her song yet??

My mum liked it.

You have been served!

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