Feb 12, 2007

I need more

I have never been super impatient to others before. Only impatient.

Due to their limited vocabulary, I'm always "garang"; not serious, not realistic.

Anyway, today, I've finally show how impatient, I am to someone.

And you gotta admit, those questions have answers that can be found easily and whatnot.

I've told Deng before; I hate it when people ask questions before looking into it themselves, I hate repeating myself and obviously, no one likes people who are irritating.

My brother fits all catergories.

But I'm not gonna talk about it anymore. I'm just looking forward to the movies and games I'll be playing after the damn radio show.

Also, Mum asked us to look for laptops. Anybody know which is best? It will be used for multimedia assignments and such.
Dual core, very much preferred. I want Quad core, but it's not happening.

Note to self: Write more paid posts. EDUCATION fund!

You have been served!

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