Feb 17, 2007

CNY blahs...

Have a happy CNY this year folks... although there isn't much of an atmosphere this year.

I think as you grow up, there really isn't much to look forward to.

No, the money doesn't.

My aunt is downstairs now and I don't want to go down.

Because I'm anti social. I'm doomed in life.

and I still have my black nail polish on.

I wonder what would happen to me if I left it there.

I was thinking of taking the Kancil out for a spin later, since the roads are pretty much empty.

*supposed to blog this eons ago*

One day, a classmate of mine said, "Ferrero Rocher's chocolate not nice to eat liao".

So I went home and then studied the Choc bomb.

But disclaimers first.
I haven't had a Ferrero in a while and won't probably remember how it looked like.

Only thing different I noticed was the outer layer of chocolate was looking kinda thin, and they've changed their packaging.

They now have plastic trays to station the choc bombs in. And each tray (only 2 in a 16-a-box.) is individually wrapped.

I even noticed that their plastic boxes used to house the chocs are a little funny.
Like the quality not too good. Or maybe it's just the box I opened.

Grey's Anatomy and Heroes are great shows you should watch, kthanxbye.

You have been served!

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