Jan 21, 2007

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But its so funny wei!!

We should do something similar to someone lar...

I know!

I propose this to the Scouter(s).

During Operasi Burung Hantu we cover them up in Post-its.

Ok. Maybe not so good.

How about part of an obstacle course activity?

Covering each other up in paper with water as an adhesive.

Once they're done, they go to the next station. Possibly with paper still attached.

Can consider right?

Every year also same activity... Juniors not sien seniors also sien lar... dui bu dui?

You have been served!

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sleepycarrot said...

Hahaha. But considering the money they'd have to come up with. They'd be on a tight budget hor? One of those standard-sized Post-Its are already around RM5. Or if normal paper also... Quite expensive liao. How many can you stick on one participant? Then that multiplied by how many camp participants leh... Hahahahaha... 10th PJ is always broke. xP