Jan 29, 2007

RE: Life's too short

Hsu Wei Lun didn't stop out of the blue on the highway.

Her car sort of went out of control and it hit something then i think she got back in control but your immediate reaction is to stop ma right, so she did.

and then some lorry rammed her car from behind.

Then yesterday night, my brother was playing Jay Chou songs. He played 'Nocturnal' which made me feel even depressed.

FYI, if you watched the video, it's about someone dying and stuff, that's why I felt like.... blaaaagh..

Horrible la, if you read SinChew.

They have a chart on her injuries.
Her head/brain: something about bleeding and the fluid inside something something.
Her face: Shards of glass cut her face, probably gone case adi.
Her heart: internal bleeding.

And she was such a pretty girl. Talented.

You have been served!

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