Jan 3, 2007

Night at the Museum

My Dum Dum wants to speak.

You should've seen the movie by now. If you haven't, shame on you.

I find the museum characters far more interesting than Ben Stiller's.

Loved Atilla the Hun, the Stone Tiki from Easter Island, Rexy, Jed and Octavius. Those two are amazing.

Did you know that Ben Stiller filmed his scenes with a toothpick and Owen Wilson came in 3 months later to film his part?

So we found out today that the Merit Scholarship is a once per year thing. How stupid.

And the cafeteria that was under construction is now finished and our cafeteria looks dashing. We now have pastries too!!
It's a student-run cafeteria I heard.

Today, we registered for this semester's subjects. I'm taking Principles of Copywriting and Intro to Radio Production.
Ms. Eyasmin is teaching us Copywriting. Her, again.
Not that I don't like her lar, just that quite stress you know.
And we may go through the syllabus real quick like Media Planning again.
And we wont get proper notes. I hope this is like Advertising... textbook based.

Also, I hope we don't have to deejay for Radio.
You get mocked by students like meself, among others.
And it's stupid. I've heard past students do it.
And it's English omg!
I'm probably gonna drop the F bomb in between sentences and won't even know it.

You have been served!

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