Jan 10, 2007

My Arch Nemesis

I've had this ulcer for at least 3 days now.

It all started after I accidentally bit some part in my mouth.

There's little flippers in your mouth near on both sides of your big fat mouth's entrance right?
I bit the one on my left.

Hurts like mad whenever I brush my teeth.
Once I accidentally brushed it and it hurt real bad till I felt like peeing. Haha.

I rinse with Listerine to numb the pain.
But can't do it too often either, cause it kills the good and bad bacteria.

In fact, it's gotten bigger.

I drank so much water I can't even believe it. Yet, my lips are still dry.

I would've taken a picture but I've decided to spare you the goriness of it all.

In fact, I've had ulcers so often when I was younger. Once I had six, evenly placed around my mouth. Proud moment when you're comparing with other people; "who's had the most ulcers".

You have been served!

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