Jan 9, 2007

Look Ma, No Glasses

Like I said in the car today, Nicole and I are like leaders, for lack of a better word.

We wait for reunions/meetings to be organized by those who organize.

And because of that, we missed two planned meetings with each other.

I was supposed to see nicole on sunday but then she went home because deng wasn't home yet even when it was close to our agreed time.

Today, Monday, I didn't confirm with her so she went off with her colleagues to The Curve for sushi.

Dear nicole,

I thought I already confirmed with you on Sunday when we decided to delay it??!?

From Hwey.

Anyway, today after class, I had lunch with 2 other classmates as part of a belated birthday celebration thingy for one of them.

Our cafeteria food is ok loh. Tasty but of course not like the real thing.

When I say, Marinated Beef Steak, the beef isn't as thick as how a respectable steak should be and it was slightly overdone. But still edible. I liked the sauce.

And when I got home... I was chirpy!


I was happily talking to Mr. K and then The Mother asked me to follow her to Bandar Kinrara to run some errands and after that she'll drop us to meet nicole. That was pre-me-calling-nicole-to-confirm-our-date.

So we had the rest of the day and decided to go to Ikea to look at some furniture for our new home!!!

I'm calling it home already. Hmm...

Spotted some really nice tables and beds.

I hope my room turns out smashing.

We were looking at sofas.

There was non-leather sofa and it looked nice. But I told Mother that we can't get that because when our poochie sits on the sofa, poochie's fur will be stuck there.

And she agreed.

She agreed people!

Throughout the whole walk in Ikea I kept talking about my non existent poochie.

I even saw a pet basket. Only RM25!

It's a sign!

Although Mother may have been going along with my poochie rant for fun.

But I have a good feeling about this.

Oh did I mention before I went to Bandar Kinrara, I put on my free pair of contacts?

It took me so long just to get it to stick to my eyeball.

When I first learned to put it on, it took me 2 tries to get it in. Today it took me a gazillion tries. Once, it even popped to the mirror.

And then when I got home to remove it, I couldn't get it out!

It was like I was standing there cucuk-ing my eye to remove an invisible lint.

I don't know what I'm doing wrong when it comes to removing it though.

You have been served!

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