Jan 27, 2007

I'm still a kid inside

Hwey has a new toy!

But she's getting an upgrade when her Mummy goes for her trip in April.

A better and more sturdy one because she kinda broke it. But still usable nonetheless.

Origins of the Earth Fire yoyo:
After class on Thursday, Hwey was stressed out and didn't want to go home straightaway so the Estrogen Mobile made a stop in SS2 for lunch and also because Deng wanted to have some delicious burgers.

But, it was 2.45pm and Hwey told Mummy to wait for 15minutes for the Tea Time so they ended up going to the 100Yen shop a few shops away from McD.

There Hwey saw yoyos. Cheap, but very much like a slice of cake you MUST have. But even the cake is better than it.

There were two; RM4.90 and RM2.90.
Hwey took RM2.90 because those things were frickin' old and dusty and it's cheap.

It's so old it's not even cool.

They're selling Chinese and Korean products in a Japanese shop btw.

And this is a picture Hwey drew when she was shit bored.

Hwey can't help but wonder how much of a kid she is.

Just this afternoon before class, Mummy was rushing for an appointment but had to send her girls to college first. Hwey was putting on her socks but eating at the same time, so Mummy fed Hwey.

Then Mummy said Hwey was such a baby, still being fed by Mummy at 19.

Hwey enjoyed it tremendously.

And with the yoyo, Hwey is definitely still a kid.

You don't see other 19 year old girls going nuts about a cheap yoyo...

In fact, I've always wanted to have a remote control car to toy around with.

Shit scared of growing up.

You have been served!

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