Jan 15, 2007

Consumerism and Capitalism

Let's question the true meaning of CNY.

Why is it every CNY people have to buy new clothes?

Ok I realize I'm not going far here.

Change to Xmas lar.

Why do we have to buy presents for one another during Christmas?

Sure, 'Tis the season to give.'

That's bull.

You wanna guess who created that tagline?

Advertising agencies.

Who wanted the tagline?


And who are advertisers?


They take advantage of every season/festivity and get money out of it; exploitating stupid consumers.

Stupid consumers probably deserve it, but what about consumers who are aware of this evil scheme?

Let's say we have a pair of smart parents here. But unfortunately, they have kids who have been brain washed by advertisers who use the media to spread their evil message.

Actually it's a message within a message.


I typed that in KDU's com lab. But after coming home to continue, I find that I cannot continue.


And that small chunk, I typed it at home.

But suddenly there's thunder and lightning so I had to off the computer.

And now I totally cannot continue writing because I just don't feel like it anymore.

So how's your day been?

I was just the driver for my mum and Deng shoving every driving opportunity at me.

I hate driving.

The amount of ignorant and selfish drivers will kill me one day.

Thus far, I've been THAT close to an accident, thrice.

One near some highway. Almost smashed the idiot who swerved out into MY lane.

Another was when we were going to Cheras for Christmas and some fooker think he was all that, speeding in his stupid Satria, almost ramming into a cement divider and ME; because the lane was close and he was still speeding and obviously didn't see it until I changed lanes. Fooker was so close up my "ass", I swear I would've just braked and let science take its course.

Another was the turning into SS2 from the LDP highway. Some moron was walking right at the roadside and wasn't even looking if traffic was coming. The moment I turned into SS2 he was almost in the middle of the road, not even looking in my direction.
First, he coule've broke both his legs and die. Second, the car behind me could've just slammed into us and subsequently cause a X car pile-up until someone isn't turning into SS2 speeding.

So, how was your day?

You have been served!

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