Jan 17, 2007

Attention Seekers

I totally forgot to mention this a few days ago.

We were on the topic of Scripting for Radio class the other day.

So our lecturer asked us to suggest a topic and one of the girls suggested "Mat Rempit".

So he said "ok" and then he asked us "do you know what rempit is anot?"

Of course we dont know lar. So after that mini buildup of anticipation, he told us.

Rempit = 2 words

Rem is the sound made from the bike when you rev it.


Mat Rempit: "Eh rem sikit..."

Moto: "Rem rem..."

Mat Rempit: "Rem it!! Rem it!!"

Hence, "Rempit".

Basically, "Rempit" doesn't even exist anywhere in the world. Except for Malaysia of course. Where else can you find words that resemble other words; or sounds for that matter.

Another one would be "pick-up truck".

You know what's the Malay word for "pick-up truck" ar?
Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka decided it would be "kereta pikap".

Can you believe it?!

No kreativiti at all.

Malaysia's talent = being a copycat

Apa "Eye on Malaysia" lar, tallest tower in the world lar, all useless.

Did they really put Malaysia on the map?

Don't think so.

Maybe politicians know, but do other people know where this potato of a country is?

Deng would know.
She talked to this guy from Edinburgh and she had to tell him "above Singapore and beneath Thailand". I bet he still doesn't know where we are.

You have been served!


Anonymous said...

u r such an idiot! what is the meaning of mat rempit? hello...it is not rem..rem..rem it!it is ridiculous! mat rempit is fun,full of skill.......

cheahwey said...

I'm glad this entry attracted the attention of one of the mat rempit community/supporter. Thank you very much.

No doubt, watching mat rempits perform stunts would be cool.
Maybe you'd want to do the Scorpion and break your neck.

And you spelt "daily activities" wrongly.